hi every one do you real want to know how to brows free
with your pc and for some year back we have been useing
freedom to browe but now we can injoy t he free and fast
browser with our pc. browse free with your PC using
Privoxy. It worked
perfectly for long before MTN blocked it. I want to let you
know that Privoxy is back to live again, you can can now
browse free with your PC using Privoxy. Read and apply
Download Privoxy Here or Here

1. After Downloading Privoxy, Unzip it because its in .zip
format, Extract it into a New Folder.

2. After you finish Unzipping it, Open the Folder, You will
see many Files, Just Locate the File with name "Match-All",
Right click on it and click on the "Open with Option"and
then choose Notepad.

3. The File will open with Notepad, Now you will see
something like +add-header{X-Forwarded-For:} \ ,
Just change the IP Address inside it to your
Own Personal IP Address.

4. Also Look for +add-header{Host: www.mtnonline.com}
\, and change the Host to wap.mtnonlineplay.com.
Now your Host will look like this: +add-header{Host:
wap.mtnonlineplay.com} \
Privoxy is a good network bypass IP to Browse Free on PC
and mobile phone.
1. There are many site on the internet, choose anyone you
want e.g Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.
2. Visit http://www.browsfree-james.blogspot.com and
type in the
site you choose e.g Facebook.com in the Hostname and
press the Enter Button on your PC Keyboard, it will show
up a Result containing the IP Address of the Site. Copy the
IP Address and Paste it in the Privoxy File you Open with
Notepad, +add-header{X-Forwarded-For:} \,
Replace the IP with the IP you just copied
and then Save the Notepad and close it.
You can try many different site beause different site speed
=> Now after you mite finsh with the Steps above, look
into the Privoxy Folder and Open the File with the P Icon,
it will open like Notepad though nothing will appear
inside it, dont Worry, just minimize it. Then Its Ready to
Browse Free.
Now you have to Configure your Browser with the below
IP and PORT to work with Privoxy.
HTTP Proxy: | PORT: 8118
SSL Proxy: | PORT: 8118
Save it & Enjoy Free Browsing on your PC with mtn...