1. Change Your Facebook Password First and foremost, you need to change your facebook account password and make it strong. To change your facebook password, login with your old password, click on “Account”, click on “Account Settings”, then click “Change” beside Password on the third line. Then enter your old password followed by your new password twice. Try to make your new password strong .

2 – Disable Online Chat
All of us have witnessed Facebook scams, with the most common being the infamous chat message … “I’m in the UK and have been mugged – please send money so I can get back home.”
While I have no technical basis for this, it stands to reason that the hackers get in through the chat service. Every time I have noticed bogus comments allegedly made by me to my Facebook friends, it is because I had previously used the online chat.
To disable chat just click on the little wheel in the right sidebar and take yourself offline. Then close the window and make sure is registers as chat offline

3. Use secure connections on Facebook i.e. use HTTPS instead of HTTPUsing secure connections on facebook will encrypt your communication. To use secure connections on facebook, click on “Account Settings”, and then click on “Account Security”. Tick on “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”. Then save

4.First and foremost, you have to install an anti-virus on your Facebook account. This anti-virus is in form of Facebook App. This anti-virus app is released by Norton (Symantec). Click Here to install this free Facebook anti-virus app into your Facebook account.

3. Approve Each Facebook Login AttemptThis feature is called Two Factor Authentication. Facebook security team created this security measure recently to make users account more secure. Two Factor Authentication work like this, you add a phone number to your facebook account so everytime you login into your account, the server will send you a onetime verification code through SMS. Though it may seem tedious, but it is a good way to secure your account from hackers & unauthorized login. To activate this feature on your facebook account, click on “Account Settings” and then “Account Security”. Under “Login Approvals”, tick “Require me to enter a security code sent to my phone”. Then Save