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The most logical method is to simply spend a little time online, doing general searches for other people who are working at home, see what kind of jobs they are doing, identify an idea that is based on your current job or skill set, and adapt that idea to your own interest, skills, and ability.

Hundreds of advertising websites are ready to pay you for your online work. Advertisers display their product in the advertising companies’ websites and you will be paid for viewing on these online displays. And some times you need to share your opinion about their products honestly.

But working at home takes creativity in large amounts, so don't fall into the self-imposed trap of wondering how you are going to have time and money to learn a completely new trade, skill, or complete a degree before you can start working from your home.

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dont forget thatsome jobs are just better suited to be performed from your home than others.

here are some list of jobs you can do at home online.

1. Travel and Vacation Service

2. Internet Training.

3. Work at Home Web Designer and make good money for your self.

4. Start Your Own Online Business Selling eBooks

and other good tread you can do on line .. and to help you make good money here onthe internet