now you can enjoy your good and fast broweing now .CASTS4.2LABS , 5.2REBIRTH AND 0PERA 6 HANDLER TWEAK DAT D0WNL0ADZ=>> socket://wap.mtnonline.com/ primary Front Query:Empty Middle Query:Empty Back Query: Remove String from Url: Empty TICK RemovePort From Url H0ST: Username:Empty Password:Empty Install,go to Menu>Settings>Handler Menu> Scroll Down and tickall b0xes except: Try to rename ._ jar back to .jar Night Mode EMPTY THE USERAGENT B0X. SAVE AN BR0WSE, WEN U GET TO THE D0WNL0AD LINK,CLICK IT DEN NEXT PAGE WHERE U SEE SAVE,0PEN OR 0PEN.U CAN CLICK SAVE,IF IT D0ES N0T W0RK,GO T0 MENU>DIRECT D0WNL0AD ,SELEC T THE D0WNL0AD PATH 0R TARGET F0LDER AND WAIT S0ME MINUTES DEPENDING 0N THE FILE SIZE,B4 U KN0W IT.JUZT CLICK YES AS MANY TIMES AFTER AND IT STARTZ D0WNL0ADING. TRY IT 0UT,IT ROCKS