Download PC Suite (Works with Majority of China Models) Pc Suite for china mobiles devices along with drivers......
1) Install China Pc Suite first.
2) Connect mobile phone to pc. Select Com from the options display on the phone. Windows will ask to install. Install driver. If required, point to.inf file.(Drivers Included). Now it is ready to connect phone to PC. Enjoy. Get help from the help icon of PC suite. Update
: 1. Copy the driver in to the main installation folder
2. Then run setup.exe and its done Driver folder is included if you get any error you might not have copied driver folder to the original setup folder.As for ur pc u,u can browse 24/7 wit dis new software and can also download wit speed of about
3.2 mega byte per second and also update ur antivirus,remeber is not ur freedom.If intrested cal me and you can get more information just get and call this number 08030499180 and enjoy the bast of globle world or you can mail... me mikel_smitho8@yahoo.com.