Hello and thank you for visiting my blog here you will lean and know how to start makeing Good money for you self.
name is James okonkwo! Since the fall of 2002 I have been
making money working online from the comfort of my
own home and helping people just like you make money
Like many of you I wanted to quit my job and work for
myself. I knew there were people making money online
and I thought that would be a good thing to check out
and see if I could make money at home too!
found out they were!
They were ways to make money and information on how
to get started and do it at home on my computer. When
done right you can make way more per day then you ever
could working a job for minimum wage or a little bit
more than that per hour.
In my case answering questions for surveys and doing
data entry were not really what I had in mind. Now I am
not knocking anyone who can do this type of work.
Certainly there are major corporations and businesses
who find it less expensive for them to pay people to do
that for them from home than to hire an employee and
pay them a salary and benefits. Maybe even you!
I joined a network marketing company promoting a
health product that boosted your immune system. I had
a hard time getting people to join me because there are
hundreds of nutritional mlm companies competing with
each other and Wal-Mart. I just wasn't any good at it and
I noticed most people who joined quit just like me.
So I started looking closer at how to make money online
specifically with my own website and building an internet
business of my own at home
I soon learned was the internet was a virtually
untapped source for ways to make money. But for a new
person like myself it was so confusing. I know the value
of getting help when I need it. I knew I needed to find
someone I could trust that was making money online
and could teach me to do the same thing.
This is good advice today. There are literally thousands of
make money programs available that you can join right
now and start making money right away

There are many fast ways to make money online. Some of
my favorites include....
1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Network Marketing
3. Make money using your computer 4. Direct Sales
Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting a website,
in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor,
subscriber and/or customer provided through his efforts.
It is a modern variation of the practice of paying finder's-
fees to individuals who introduce new clients to a
business. Compensation may be made based on a certain
value for each visit (Pay-per-click), registrant (Pay-per-
lead), or a commission for each customer or sale (Pay-

What is affiliate ...is a business in which a distributor
network is needed to build the business. You make
money on your sales as well as on the sales of your
distributors. Is also called multi level marketing and you
are paid on the sales of your group several levels deep.
The internet has made this a great way to make money
fast and build a very large income in a very short period
of time. With the right program anyone can quickly make
money with just a little bit of effort.