Where you may spend several hours, weeks or months learning
to use a tool built by someone else, you can also spend that time
in a quality training program. You should expect to receive
configured hardware, source code that can be customized,
several working examples that you built during the trainin and
lifetime of support. Nothing less is acceptable. Why settle for an
email or a manual when you can have the teacher available by
taught to use theskills to make money online today and be provisioned with working examplesthat you build yourself
When you write software the code can run together. Some
developers like looking at plain text and figuring out the code, but
they are very few and far between. Most software developers
(both professional and amatuer) like to use what is called an
Integrated Development Environment ....or IDE for short. An IDE
will make software sourcecode stand out by applying different
colors to variables, functions and processes so that the source
code can be both organized and easy to scan visually. Another
task an IDE handles well is auto completion of certain well known
constructs to speed up the code writing process. As a new coder,
or developer, you will want to write code quickly with as little
actual work as possible. Since you are probably new to this area
we are just going to recommend a free IDE for you that comes
equipped for all scenarios and is completely open source and free. Now you can start making money online.