i have taking time to study and to know how to make good money online but first there are something we must know...
Everyone had seen iphone, blackberry, Google Android and
Windows Mobile phone applications and how easy they are to
download. They are just as easy to create and distribute. Releasing
your own handheld applications will allow you to target a money and make Good money here on line.

Getting an app built that can handle your needs will cost you somewhere
between $200-$1000 dollars and will be well worth the

First you have to know how to write software
source code you can make an app with
a little guidance
Write your own
application! Software Development is a strong skill set to have or
acquire. What kind of customizations can be made to your
handheld application?
I had a need for a mobile application and found myself halfway
between both areas. I know how to write software source code,
but I did not know how to write it for a mobile environment. At
the time I needed a Windows Mobile application built. So, I hired a
freelancer to write a simple application that had some of the
functionality I needed and then teach me how to write it and
compile it. I was then able to take what he taught me and the bare
bones application we had built and add to it until I had a full
solution. In fact, this worked so well, I modeled my whole team
on this interaction. I will give you a chance to hire the team at the
end of this article if you need.
What kind of Mobile Application will
Make Money and i mean Good money
The mobile phone has a few things that really change the game of
software distribution.
Touch Screen
,Phone Communication
Wireless Data Communication,
Motion Detection
In some ways you can consider it an extension of the user. So,
what we found to be the most popular are very simple
applications due to the user being in motion. As much as we don't
want to admit it, this application will most likely be used while
driving, walking, eating, and in many other on the go scenarios.
Simple is the Name of the Money
Making Game
Distribution of an Android Application
is really easy
So what do you do after you have an application? How do you
get it in the hands of your users? There are many ways to get a
file to a phone for use. With Android it is as simple as an email.
You can send the .apk file through an email as an attachement and
when clicked upon the phone will ask the user if they wish to
install your application or not. Now this is a very creative way to
use an autoresponder on your web form! Enter your email to
receive our free google android applciation. We are not talking
about list generation techniques here, but this is one feature that
can really provide instant benefits to your user.
and belive me with that you can make money here online.