Liberty-reserve Investments.biz is a group of skilled business people whose objective is to obtain profits making investments. Everyone of us has a high knowledge level about how the money moves in e-commerce, so we can practically ensure that the investments we are making generates high reliability with low risk due to the skill and experience of each member of the . We've been reliably producing similar returns with over 3 years of actual experience. We have made it our full time career to profit from our investments and trading in a wide range of financial markets.

1. Create account with liberty reserve. If you already have account with liberty reserve skip step 1 else open an account with this link Libertyreserve.com. It's free to open and they accept Nigerian

I would like to teach you how to jump start your ability to make money online. Making money online requires 3 things:
1. An online platform
2. A product or service and
3. A means of getting paid

So how I start making money online even if I'm in Nigeria?: Well, what you need to do is start by asking yourself of you've got the three things required. The most important of the three however if the product or service that you can offer. One service you can offer is a payment service being provided by Liberty reserve.
Liberty reserve is an online account that allows account holders to send and receive money online and if you can bring people to become aware of the service and start using it, then that in itself can be your service and you can get paid for it.
All you need to do is tell people what liberty reserve can do for them but first you must be a member.
You can make money by inviting people to start using Liberty reserve and by doing so, you are making referrals and liberty reserve pays her referers who are members and use the referral code given to them within their account.
In summary, what I am saying is this:

Advertise your Liberty reserve link on websites
You can use paid advertising or put the link on your posts in free forums or even in your blog or website and when users are directed to LR through your link, then they become your referrals.

Monitor your referral count
You can view the number of visitors following your referral link(using google analytics) and also those finally signing up with Liberty reserve within your account and also know your earnings. You can do more to increase your earnings by giving more exposure to your links. It is quite easier if you just include the link in your signature on Nigerian online forums and blogs as this will help to easily bring visitors to Liberty reserve. The more referrals you have, the more money you are likely to make

How do you get paid
Being a liberty reserve referrer makes it easy for you to get paid. Just like PayPal, when you must have accumulated sufficient funds and you just want to cash out, then what you need is to get a Liberty reserve exchanger in your country and withdraw through them. The process normally requires that you send a LR payment to the account of the exchanger and they then pay into your bank account. To find a liberty reserve exchanger closest to you just check from within your liberty reserve account. You can also do a Google search of exchangers in your country and then confirm their legitimacy by checking within your LR account if they are approved exchangers before doing any transaction with them.

How you earn money with Liberty reserve
Liberty reserve credits your account with $0.25 for every of your referrals that signs up and even credits your referrals with $0.05 for just signing up. So what are you waiting for
so do you real want to make money fast to day signup for liberty reserve and make good money for your self.