here today you will have to know how you can make good money using your digital camera
and there so few step you will have to take to make it work.... and I know there are a lot of things one can do, especially with basic computer skills, so I sat down and wrote a list of activities I could do to make some money right now.

Below are a few tips to get you on your way to making money through microstock photography.

Note 1: Image Quality is Important

A high end camera is not required to produce acceptable images. Any high resolution digital camera can do the job.

Note 2: Your Photos Will Be Reviewed

Each individual image submitted to microstock sites will be reviewed. Therefore, it is important to analyze your own images before submission. Also, make sure to read all the image terms and requirements before submission. Images are sometimes rejected. Today, many of the prominent microstock photography sites have tutorials that you can follow to help you take fantastic images.

Note 3: Subject matter is important

Content does matter. Certain subject matters, such as business and food images are popular. However, images of family and flowers may not make the cut. Do some research and see what image types are downloaded the most. This will give you an idea of what sells and potentially what to focus on.

Also, images containing people may require you to complete a model release form. Please read the terms and conditions of the microstock site before making such submissions.

Note 4: Portfolio Development Takes Time

To make a serious income from micro stock sites, it is important to develop a portfolio containing a many high quality images. Also, make your images keyword rich. Relevant keywords will allow your images to appear more frequently in customer searches.

Also, submit your images to numerous microstock sites. This increases the probability of your images being downloaded.

With these notes in mind, you can be on your way to making serious money using only your digital camera.
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