good day every one here to day trying to get what they
want ,just this morning when i was using my zain line to
browse free on my laptop using freedom, the browsing
became so boring to me because i hate zain as much as i
hate gusing othe lines, it have been so long that free
browsing with mtn on computer stopped but it is not
obvious that some suckers still say that they have mtn free
browsing on computer *which is a fallacy*, they have
deceived so many people with so many codes like 10. 199.
212. 8%2f%3aa or 10. 199. 212. 8%2f. m or 10. 199. 212.
8%3aa. 80-e and stuffs like this. i want to let you know
that it have been long that mtn free browsing stored but
this afternoon when i was very busy trying so many codes
thatcould work out for free browsing with mtn on
computer and phone and luckily for me my check socks
proxy manchine helped and the grace of God endowed
me and i got this new code both for handset and
computer. The latest code for you free browsing on
phone using mtn is wap. mtnonline. com%2fa
%3a0@google. com/gwt/n and do know that you can also
represent wap. mtnonline. com with 10. 199. 212. 8,
loaded. mtnonline. com or music. mtnoline. com so that
if your phone doesn't support any prefix than you use any
of them above. I also got the code that you can use in
browsing with solitary and opera-mini mods on lower
phone even solibay was tested with Nokia 2626 and it
worked perfectly, the settings demand a particular proxy
file *not mtn proxy* that you need to install in any phone
that you want to use it for, i could have attached it here
but i don't want everybody to have it so that it won't lead
to abuse of the product and causing this our ever ready
internet service providers to set their eye on it so if you
just need just read down and get my contact and give me
a call and have it. The main gist is that mtn free browsing
is back and better with freedom, i have been using it
unlimited as the code i am using now cracked the
freedom and it can't stop *no more 1 hour termination*
if you get this code from me and your freedom
terminates, then collect your money back *100% free
guarantee* i don't want to talk much, if you already have
freedom settings for mtn but it have stopped and you
need this code to browse free and crack freedom to be
unlimited, it will cost you only N1,000 (price negotiable)
but if you don't have the setting and you want the full
package it will cost you N2,000 (price negotiable), just call
me now on 08060374821 or mail me on
cashmoney4realg@yahoo. com. Another informative
part of this article is the give away of my internet
accelerator to any person who purchases from now till
April 15, 2009. After April 20, 2009 i will take the prices
back to normal as that code will now be sold for N1,000
and the full package for N2,000. so call me now
on08030499180 and get this now.
then u will in joy the best from mtn