Twitter is the heavy hitting Social Media Application that's got the world communicating in a whole new way. If you'd like to learn to use Twitter you'll find plenty of ways to use it here. If you'd like to make money with Twitter
As a user who has taken the Twitter pill hook, line and sinker, I've been mulling this question for some time now. I came up with a few strategies, but then I figured: why not run them by the Twitter crew themselves? The least they could say was 'no comment,' but fortunately Evan Williams, one of Obvious and Twitter's founders, responded with a few of his own. Read on for my attempts at making Twitter some money (I'm waiting for my job offer Ev), as well as some choice words and ideas of his own from Evan
There’s nothing wrong with using Twitter to promote your business – but in order to really make money on Twitter, you’ve got to avoid some common pitfalls that marketers get stuck in. Depending on your business model, Twitter might be a place you conduct customer service, see what your competitors are up to, or simply gain exposure for your brand. And while those are great uses of the medium, we’ve got three ways you can make money directly from Twitter – without being sleazy

1.Here’s another service where you send out sponsored tweets except with TweetROI you don’t need to get clicks from your followers to make money. Simply sending a tweet will make you money and you can even see up front how much you’ll get from that tweet. What’s even nicer is that TweetROI allows you to schedule tweets, so you don’t have to log in everyday and your Twitter stream won’t seem so obviously automated.
Get creative

2.Social media isn’t like any other type of communication. It offers us new ways to connect to one another in two- and more way conversations. So, if you really want to experiment with ways to make money on Twitter, why not get a little creative?

3.You can make money on Twitter by getting your followers involved in your business. Run a campaign asking for creative input from your customers, like getting them to design a decal or write a product description for you. This won’t lead directly to sales, but it will increase your visibility on Twitter as well as brand loyalty of your follower

4.Twitter Forums, ad-supported - Finally, an innovation brought to the aging discussion forum format. Sort of a Twitter approach to Yahoo! Answers, allowing users to post questions and follow threads they're interested in, with the Twitter format forcing everyone to keep things simple and on-topic. Instead of ads, this could also possibly be just for Pro customers. One of the catches here is that Twitter users only see tweets from people they are following. When submitting a question to a Twitter Forum, you would be able to see all replies to the question, even the ones from users you've never met and aren't following

5.Twitter for Business a lá Google Apps - Customized, secure software that businesses can run on their own intranet. BlackBerry and WinMo clients are a more apparent option here. Obviously, this could become tremendously useful if Twitter built in some hooks that work like Stikkit and Google Calendar, allowing employees to easily tweet appointments and tasks to a centralized PIM system, and automatically be subscribed to their team's tweets without any extra effort on their part