The SEO, generally defined as 'Search Engine Optimization', is a process of increasing the visibility of webpage, blog or website. The Search engine optimization can be used for various types of works through online but it plays an important role in ‘internet marketing'. The main objective of search engine optimization is to increase traffic through which a website can attain more number of views than before. The web traffic plays an important role for popularizing any product through online resources.Post useful, honest, comments on other niche blogs related to your products or stores. Do not spam.Make sure that your posting on your blog is fresh. Keep updating.Create a podcast about your products and store.

Higher-rated podcasts show up at the top of searches. In each episode of your podcast, encourage your listeners and viewers to rate your podcast in iTunes and other podcast directories. And when you get nice emails from your audience, write back and ask them to leave a comment on iTunes for you.

Put a link to your podcast on your business card – make sure to carry cards with you and hand them out at every opportunity. You never know when the guy standing in line behind you at Starbucks will become your next fan (and customer).

Web blog tools are another effective way for search engine optimization. If you want to opt for this effective way, then you must get yourself ready to prepare content which you have to post in your blog. You can start this through searching the blog websites that have published the content articles relevant to your product or services. You can write some articles and post your blogs. But make sure that your topic is related to your business services or your products before post it. You must also make sure to produce promotional content that means you do not have to put in all the information about your products in the blogs, rather you just indicate some highlights which force the reader to get attention into your blogs and ultimately your product.