The Internet is fundamentally concerned with this formal communication. The vast majority of this communication occurs through the use of text and static images.
Think about it for a moment. What good is email to you if you struggle to get your knowledge down as words? What good is your website if you cannot express your knowledge as words? Words are the bricks that build emails and websites. If you want to manage a website you must be able to master text.
An editor is the person whose traditional job is to manage text, images, and the people who create these. What keeps an editor awake at night? Worrying whether they are getting the right content to the right reader at the right time at the right cost. If you want to manage a successful website that's what should be keeping you awake at night too
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Managing Your Website
If you have been working hard on your website and you are starting to get a lot of visitors and your site is getting bigger and bigger, keeping track of everything going on can become very hard. Luckily there are a lot of ways to decrease your workload by making sitewide updates easier.
One of the major problems facing many webmasters is updating every single page on their site, for example when you update your navigation bar. For a few years, frames were used to make this updating easier but frames are not the best way of using your site. Luckily there are several other ways of making site-wide updates.
The quickest to impliment (as you don't need to change your site) is to use a Search & Replace program. All you have to do then is place a small section of your old code in the 'search' box and the corresponding new code into the 'replace' box. The program will then update all your site's files (as long as your code is consistant). The problem with this is that if that part of every page's code is not exactly the same as your search & replace it will not work. Also it is very easy to make a mistake and ruin your site. Search & Replace HTML 98 is an excellent program for this and can be downloaded from Download.com