It's possible to receive money becoming a youtube partner. The youtube partners get paid when they allow to display advertisings on their videos or if they rent their videos by streaming.
It's usually pretty obvious: to become a partner, you have to apply, then your application has to be approved, then you have to sign up for an AdSense account and link it to your YouTube account, and also sign a contract with YouTube, and after all that, you get an e-mail from YouTube telling you you're now a partner. You can then go ahead and submit your videos for revenue sharing, and YouTube will vet each submitted video and, if everything checks out, put ads on them. This can take hours or even days

The program is open to both individual content producers and media companies looking to broaden their reach by tapping into the viral Web. Additionally, under the non-exclusivity provision of the program, YouTube's partners are free to upload and distribute their videos elsewhere.

For marketers, expanding the program to a wider pool of content creators can provide more ad inventory while tapping into the popular user-generated content craze. Ads can be targeted by a number of criteria and the program provides quantifiable viewership numbers.

"Advertisers can choose to target videos by categories (like entertainment, sports, news, music, etc.) that span several different YouTube partners, or they can target specially crafted packages of program participants," a YouTube spokesperson wrote in an e-mail to InternetNews.com. "Some YouTube ad units can also target by age, sex, geographic location, time of day, etc

Alternatively, you may have received an invitation to "partner" one or more individual videos, but again -- you need to link an AdSense account to your YouTube account, and you need to submit a revenue share form. YouTube will then vet your video... this can take days (and lots of people have recently been reporting delays).

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