Facebook is the No.1 Social Networking Website which makes it easy to make money on Facebook. Today a lot of people are making money on Facebook. Why is this possible? Because there are so many people using Facebook every day and what one user does, all their friends know about. It’s viraHow to make money on Facebook? If you are a Facebook user or have been around social networking sites for a while, you’ve probably heard that! But, is it really possible to make money with facebook? How would you go about making money on facebookEver since Facebook overtook the other social websites I have been obsessed with how to make money on Facebook. I knew it must be possible to make money from Facebook, but had no idea how other people and companies actually managed to make money on Facebook.
With over 800 million users and growing every day, a lot of ad content is being served by companies who can laser target their campaigns to the exact demographic and geographic location they are looking for. These companies and others know exactly how to make money on Facebook, it’s not that hard and has blown away old forms of targeting customers with relevant productHowever, over the past few weeks there has been a rising concern among developers to uncover ways to monetize their Facebook applications. The curse of instant online success is that you can no longer sustain expensive servers to support hundreds and thousands (or even millions) of Facebook users. The question: how can the developers of Facebook apps actually make money? We don’t have all the answers yet, but here are 5 suggestions

1.Cafe Press It’s the same idea as Zazzle, but with a much bigger and well known online store. Cafepress lets you easily sell any product from anti Obama Shirts to pro Obama Shirts, on your Facebook and make money, whether it was created by you or someone else

2.How to make money while interacting and chatting with your friends. Most facebook addicts usually reveal a lot about themselves and their problems without even realizing it. You will discover how to make them beg you for solutions to their problems and make them send you money too. Even if you don’t have a single idea on how to solve the problem, Facebook gold-digger 2.0 will show you. It's so easy!

3. Ether Ether is a website that you can make money on by giving advice to people over the phone or by chatting. But now, you can use their new application on Facebook to make money while giving advice to people over the phone. If you’re good at giving advice, this may be the way for you to make some extra money on Facebook. Also if you know a second language, this app makes it easy to teach others and make money. You set the rates and Ether provides a number that individuals can call. The call will then be forwarded to your personal telephone number

4. GET INVESTMENT. If you think you have something big on your hands and lack the funds to scale it, apply for investment through Bay Partners and others who have expressed interest in funding Facebook apps. This would be the likely course of action for a startup with plans to expand globally within and beyond Facebook

5.How to create beautiful fan pages and make money with it. Do you realize that more and more businesses are using facebook to market their products and services instead of websites? In fact more and more businesses are even advertising their own fanpages on their sales adverts, websites and flyers. You will learn how to create stunning beautiful fan pages for companies and organization who are looking for such service and make a lot of money. A step-by-step tutorial is provided
all this will make it easy for you to make money here on face book and others