Uploading your site to your web host is very easy. Below we explain the steps and also explain how somebody who visits your site actually gets to see your web site.

Copying files from your hard drive to the server is a simple process. The host site will prompt you for the name of the directory on your hard drive where your files are stored and the names of the specific files to be uploaded. To avoid confusion, make certain that all files are saved on the server using  the same file names that were used on your hard drive. The only software that you require to upload files is a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. Alternatively, free FTP software (File Transfer Protocol) can be use
Once your site is created whether your personal website, sales page or online store to sell your own products online, definitely you want it accessible on the internet around the world. Well, in order to do this you need another 3 extra items. There are domain name, web hosting server (web host) and FTP. Domain name is your specific website address or your website URL.
Web hosting server is a place to create or to keep your own website. Once you place your website into your web hosting server then it can be accessibled on the internet around the world.
FTP is File Transfer Protocol which will be used to connect your computer and your web hosting server. The FTP software (program) which will be used to transfer or upload your website from your computer into your web hosting server called FTP Client. This tutorial will show you how to upload your website step by step using Quickconnect button from your computer into your web hosting server using FileZilla Client FTP. FileZilla Client FTP is distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and the content is available under GNU Free. You can download the free FileZilla Client FTP from filezilla-project.org and install it on your computer.
In order to view your pages online, you need to "upload" them.  Uploading is the process of transferring files from your local environment (hard drive, etc.) to your web server.
Once you finish creating your web pages, you will need to save them as an html file by naming them 'myfile.html' or myfile.htm.
Some web hosting companies will provide a control panel where you can upload files.  However, if this method is not available then you will need to use an FTP program or some HTML editor like Microsoft FrontPage that will allow you to upload or "publish" your files.
In order to use an FTP program or Microsoft FrontPage you need to make sure that your web hosting company supports either of these methods