The internet is so widely used
in our everyday lives. Teenagers use it for social
networking, people can monitor their utility bills and
bank statements online and facilities such as grocery
shopping, holiday bookings and auctioning are all
commonplace uses of the internet. By now, we should all
know that not everything on the internet is as good as it
sounds, and there are many unscrupulous people out
there who want to take your money and identity. You may
have received a probate scam email, telling you that you
are a relative of a rich, dead person (because you have the
same surname), and if you send money for taxes, etc, you
will receive a huge amount of money
RAP Bank you’ll get instant commission to your PayPal
account. However you need to follow what makes it work
that you will get commission for the next sale. In this case
if the commission is 50% the first sale goes to the vendor,
the following to the affiliate and so on. For 75%
commission the first goes to the vendor, the following 3
to the affiliate. (from PayBack Internet Marketing)
The 2nd big difference is on the refunds. Clickbank
reduces your commission out of your check while for RAP
Bank you will have to send the money to RAP Bank via
PayPal. So that you should let your commission there till
the refund period ended.
I just registered being an affiliate at RAP Bank and (of
course) yet to see the result from this site. However I am
certainly it is a good system to make more money simply
because they have a really good system and high quality