Free uknumber

Posted by james | 14:31

Here are way in which you can make calls useing your UKNumbers.where you can get free UK telephone numbers which can be programmed to divert to any UK phone and most international phones at no cost to you! Using our service is free and you can get as many numbers from us as you like. There is no charge for the numbers either! No matter whether you are a small business that would like to have a single national rate 0870 number todivert to different offices, or if you often call someone abroad but would like to call them at national rates by getting a UK number for them, we have the solutions for you. We offer several types of UK numbers which can be programmed to divert to almost any line you like. You can reprogram numbers at anytime, so you can always be in touch. with your frends around the world with your uknumber UK number which you can be contacted on no matter where you are. No need to give people loads of different telephone numbers.*.Use these numbers from UK mobiles at UK rates even if the call is international.*.Get a UK number to divert to a local PAYG mobile when you are abroad and save the cost of paying for incoming calls.*.Get a number which you can give to people to contact you on, without giving out your real number.*.Divert your normal UK phone number to an international destination but only pay to divert the call to a UK phone number*.Allow people to be reached overseas without having to lift international call barring from any phones.*.Excellent from payphones, mobiles with international call barring, or where it is complicated to dial international numbers now here is to get starded just regester here www.uknubers.com