Discover and download new music on Nokia, straight through your internet browser on your computer or on your Nokia mobile. Get entire albums or individual songs as MP3s
Downloading music from a computer to your cell phone is easy once you know how. The method can vary depending on the make and network provider of your phone but some generalisations can be made about the process. Check the guide that came with your phone for detailed instructions and look for a CD ROM that may have been included in the package that will enable you to use your mobile with your computer. If you cannot find the CD, head to the website of your phone’s manufacturer and look under the Downloads tab for the software. Modern computers will often recognise the phone when you plug it in, via USB, and automatically look online for the software to download. Once your phone is plugged into the computer and set up to coordinate with the pc, you should then have the option to transfer music. Within the software there will be a music tab that allows you to move music between your computer and your phone and vice versa. Here you can select the songs that are compatible with your phone and drag and drop them into your phone.
If both your phone and computer are Bluetooth enabled, it can be used as an alternative way to transfer music. Switch the Bluetooth settings on your computer and phone to visible and open to new connections. Then, on your computer, use the new device function to search for your phone and you will have to coordinate the two devices with a passcode. Once this has been initiated you will be able to select your cell phone device and send files, such as music files, wirelessly from your computer to your phone