What is Ping-O-Matic?

Posted by james | 00:12

Ping-o-matic is a service that calls (ping) server engines and popular services to notify them that you have new contents on your site. This will help you to get your pages indexed on that servers and so it should increase your traffic.I don’t know if this system works, but it’s implemented also in any wordpress installation, so telling Ping-o-matic that you have new contents should be a good thing. :-)I’ve searched the web for a function to do this with php, but I didn’t found it and I’ve decided to write it by myself.
Pingomatic is a quick and easy way to subscribe your feed.
•The system you just enter the name of the feed you want to have.•Then you enter the URL you want to use.•Then you enter the feed URL if you don’t know this you can scroll over the RSS button on your site at the same time look in the lower left side of your screen in the bottom bar this is the URL for the feed.•Hit send and your all done