how to publish a website

Posted by james | 08:10

if you want to know how to publish your website onto the web. This article has broken it down to three steps in which you will 1; create a website, 2; get a hosting plan (including a domain name) for it and ultimately 3; publishing it using a recommended FTP client. Take these three steps and you will have a website published at create new website. com it will help you on how to create a new web site.

After you have previewed your website and tested all the links, you can publish website to the internet.
and you can also Upload your files to the root directory of your purchased web hosting server space. You can do this either by using your hosting account's inhouse file manager, but those are often slow and manage large file volume poorly. Our recomendation is to get your hands on a FTP client. More specifically, a FireFox add-on by the name FireFTP. It will allow you to access your hosting account directly in the web browser and transfer website files with ease. click here to see more.