Imagine the Possibilities!
Ever wanted to send that vacation picture to someone who all the way around the world? Or felt compelled to send that 'act on impulse picture' after a night of fun? If you have, iPiPi's picture messaging feature is the perfect tool for you! We provide you with the same global network coverage for sending pictures to mobile phones!
How It Works
Log into your iPiPi account and go to the Pictures menu item. You will be able to upload a picture to send. These uploaded files will be stored in the Gallery.

Once you have uploaded your picture, go to Send > Pictures. Choose a picture in your Gallery or Upload a new picture. Enter the mobile number that you would like the picture to be sent in the 'TO' field. Voila! Your friend living somewhere else in the world receives your pic instantly.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out! Let us know what you think. If you aren't a paid user yet, get an account and you can also start sending pics all over the world.
If you are still asking why...Because there are times when you happen to be standing in a hotel room somewhere in Nice, France...and you just want to share that spectacular view with your friend in Bali, Indonesia right at that moment...no waiting for them to check their email...you want to make that connection right away.