If your computer does not have the hardware for a Bluetooth/Infrared this connection, then buy the adapter, sometimes called a 'dongle'. The common BT/I adapter plugs into a USB port. It will be quite cheap, perhaps NZ$30, something like 10 to 20 American dollars. This adapter will have software for the connection process, which lets you transfer files from the computer to your phone, or vice versa!
Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on both your computer and your phone. If you have a Mac, you can make sure your Bluetooth is on by clicking on the Bluetooth symbol on the right side of the upper toolbar. The symbol should be to the left of the Date and Time and should look like some triangles.On a Vista, go to Control Panel> Network and Internet Connection>Bluetooth Devices.Make sure you are standing within 30 feet of your computer. Bluetooth does not work more than 30 feet away.now you can open the picure on your computer.
Go to the menu, and select "COPY" or "SEND" and Choose the Bluetooth option
you frist you confirm that you want to enable Bluetooth, the Bluetooth menu in the phone will pop up automatically. Select the "Look for Devices" option Select your device from the list that appears A request will be sent to your device asking for you to accept the sent picture Accept the request, and the picture will be sent.
and now you can send as much pics as you want with your computer.