doubt be very comfortable downloading and
installing third party applications onto their
device. For the ever growing group of novice
BlackBerry users, there may be some
confusion between the various file types
involved and which methods are to be used to
get that sweet new game/app into the palm of
their hands. For this group of people, we
have decided to produce a “How To” guide
that will show you the ins and outs of
downloading and installing third party
software onto your BlackBerry.
The Various File Types You Will Encounter
.JAD files: An application descriptor that stores
information about the application itself and the
location of .COD files
.JAR files: a JAR file (or Java ARchive) is used
for aggregating many files into one. It is
generally used to distribute Java classes and
associated metadata.
.COD files: A COD file is a proprietary file
format developed by RIM that contains
compiled and packaged application code.
.ALX files: Similar to the .JAD file, in that it
holds information about where the installation
files for the application are located
Installing Third Party Software OTA (Over
The Air)
Performing the OTA download and installation
of a third party application is usually the
easiest option. Most application developers will
provide direct links to the .jad or .jar files
required for internal installation on your
BlackBerry. There is usually a second option
for download to your desktop and installation
via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. The
Desktop Manager installation process is
described in the next section.
Downloading OTA is super easy. Simply
navigate to the download page for the
application you wish to install and find the
direct (OTA) download link. From within the
BlackBerry browser menu, select “Get Link”
and then click OK for each step of the
installation. Here are the steps you must
perform in order to download a third party
application OTA to your BlackBerry:
1. Navigate with the BlackBerry Browser to the
desired application download page.
Example: Google Maps Mobile
2. Often you will be presented with a link to the
download, or the option to enter your cellular
phone number and have the link sent to your
device via SMS.
3. Follow the supplied link (either direct or SMS)
from within your BlackBerry Browser and
follow all the instructions that appear on your
4. The new application will be unpacked and
installed by your BlackBerry Browser and your
new software will be now be available in your
applications list.
NOTE: If you are using your BlackBerry in a
BES configuration which is overseen by your
IT department, you may not have the ability to
install your own third party applications to
your device. If this is the case, you will have to
contact your IT professional and request that
they add the software and deploy it to your
device. This may be against the policy that your
employer has dictated so it is best to get
approval before any such request.