One of the most common questions we receive at AdSense support is, "when am I paid?" It's certainly an appropriate question, since you probably joined AdSense to earn money and not just because you like how pretty our ads are. So this section describes the AdSense payment cycle, to give you a good idea of when and how your payment will arrive.Earnings calculated: On the last day of each month, our system identifies all accounts that have $100 or more in unpaid earnings. Earnings accrue over time, so if you earned $40 one month, and $70 the next, you're eligible for payment. All accounts with $100 or more are then sent for approval. A link with specific earnings details will be posted to your Payment History page within the first few days of the month.Payment issued: Within the next few weeks, a Payment issued line will be posted to your Payment History page, indicating your payment has been calculated. At this time, we'll have your payment processed and sent to you.Payment arrives: The time it takes for your payment to arrive depends on form of payment you have selected.* Standard delivery checks: generally arrive within 1-2 weeks of the mailing date in the U.S.; outside of the U.S. typically arrive in 2-3 weeks.* Secure Delivery checks: generally arrive in 5-7 days.* EFT payments: should arrive in your bank account within 2-4 days.* Western Union Quick Cash payments: available for pick-up at a local agent the following day If there are any problems with your payment, a notice will be posted on your Payment History page. If you haven't received your payment by the 25th of the next month, you can request a reissue.Back to topHolding PaymentsIf for any reason you would prefer not to receive your check, we're happy to hold payments for you. Just set up a payment self-hold in your account.Setting a hold will stop payments and your account will continue to accrue earnings. After you remove your hold, we'll send you a single consolidated payment for all your unpaid earnings. To set or remove a hold, follow these instructions.Please note that all changes to your hold preferences should be made by the 15th of the month. Changes made to these settings after the 15th of the month may apply to either the current or next payment cycle