hi every one here on my website . many have been asking on how to chang there facebook thems .

here come a vary good and great way you can do that and it work but all you have to do is to flow the steps below.

1. Go to facebook and log in with your accoun.

3. you will have to click Click the box on the left panel which says CREATE your own backgrand.

4. The site will automatically detect your browser. Once done, you can now begin creating your background.

then you may like to creat your own custom Facebook background, Background images must be low res 72dpi, RGB color mode, and must be either a jpg, gif, or png file.

Select a background color (the color that will appear underneath your image). Once done, click NEXT STEP..

Select Text or Font Color and again click NEXT STEP.

For the finishing touches, you can rename the layout and check the box which says "Use as Current Layout.

then SAVE and PUBLISH your background. Wait for a few seconds or minute for the site to generate your background. Once generated, a page will open and indicates that you have successfully created your facebook background.

Go to your facebook profile and view your background. It could usually take a minute or two to load. If your background does not load, just try refreshing the page. But based on my experience, it just takes seconds to load and I can actually see my new background.

now you have creat your own pfofile them try it now and enjoy this great offer.