Best iPod Touch Apps

Posted by james | 07:59

Pandora RadioHere you have a radio station unlike any other, and you also have unlimited access to live streaming Internet radio. Whatever your taste in music, you can find something suitable for yourself at Pandora Radio. You can even sync this application with Apple iTunes.Google EarthOne of the best iPod Touch apps of all time, Google Earth provides you with a satellite view of any place on the planet. You can view the terrain, or you can actually see your own house and street.VLC PlayerWith the iPod supporting only a few video formats, this app is a dream come true for those who want to watch video on the Touch. VLC player supports almost all popular video formats available today, and this is another must have application for your iPod Touch. A host of other options also come with this player, making it one of the best third-party video players around.SkypeIf you have used Skype, you know how great and simple it is to use. You can video-call anyone you want, from any corner of the world. This is a truly futuristic mode of communication.TwitterrificTwitter is one of the most popular social networking websites around, and this application lets you access it with the Touch of a button, and update your Twitter page on the move. Also check out the Facebook application, which works in a similar way.WikipanionThis application opens up a Wikipedia search page for you, and displays results in a manner that suits your iPod Touch screen. You can now search for any information with ultimate ease. This is one of the most useful iPod Touch apps.IM+ All-in-one Mobile MessengerEveryone loves their Instant Messenger apps, and this application lets you use the IM service provided by Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Jabber, MySpaceIM, ICQ, MSN, iChat and AIM. All your messages are held in one inbox, thanks to this application.EvernoteEvernote is one of the best note taking apps available for the iPod Touch. Notes can be saved in different ways, like voice notes, handwritten notes, etc. Entire web pages can also be saves as a note, as can pictures. Notes can be manages to your liking with folders and the like supported. With plenty of options available, you will never need another application to manage your notes on the Touch. A free version is available for download from the App Store