Who Invented the iPod

Posted by james | 07:56

The 'iPod' is a name given to a series of music players manufactured by Apple, Inc., which are considered the best media players available in the market today. The Apple iPod has been through several modifications since its debut around a decade ago; and it certainly has advanced in features, style, and more importantly the memory storage capacity. The best thing what attracts musicians and music lovers to the iPod is the sound quality and the storage capacity. iPods come in many different types which differ in physical characteristics, features and functionalities, storage capacities, and so in price. There are many people who use iPods everyday, but do not even have a general idea as to who invented this player. Some believe that the inventor of the iPod was none other than Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Inventor of the iPodYou will be surprised that the original concept of the iPod was created by an Englishman named Kane Kramer. In the year 1979, when he was 23 years old, he made a rough sketch of a small hand-held player which he thought would enable the user to load music and video onto it. Referring to the design, he and his friend James Campbell manufactured a similar device for which they registered a patent in England. The music player was named 'IXI', which had a screen and a button for four-way navigation, much like what is found in today's iPods. However, it did not have the capacity to hold music of over a few minutes. Both these inventors experimented on various versions of the music player. Finally in 1988, they were not able to pay the amount for renewal of the worldwide patent for that device, and so the patent expired. The patent of that device belonged to no one now, hence, Kramer was not legally eligible to receive any payment for the generation of the idea