A reader points out a straightforward way for Windows users to transfer music from an iPod to your hard drive, without extra software.
Track #1You cannot think of downloading anything resembling music on your iPod touch without iTunes. Therefore downloading iTunes is what you have to do, to start with. You can do that either with the CD with the iPod iTunes installation.Track#2After you insert the CD, the iTunes will be identified by the computer and you will be asked if you want to import the cd to the iTunes library. Add a file, folder or play list through the file menu and from your computer to the newly installed iTunes library. This is the basic thing when you want to know how to download music on iPod.iTune #3Now, the next step regarding how to download music to ipod is to get the USB in picture. What you have to do is attach the USB to the iPod and then the computer. Your iPod has been connected will be immediately displayed on your computer. You are ready to transfer music to your iPod at this stage. You can also check out how to transfer music from iPod to computer.iTune #4At this point you are ready to sync your iPod and your PC too through iTunes for music downloads. All the same after you sync the two, from the iTunes library, choose the tracks one at a time or several at one time to the iPod touch. Then point, click and drag the selected files to the iPod Touch. You are ready to enjoy some rocking music and you are almost done with how to download music to iPod!