before you can make it work there some thing you will have to do .this will help you on how you can configure your pc or laptop and your BLACKBERRY.

1. Set Up the Laptop Modem Connection.

lick the Start button, then "Control Panel" and then "Phone and Modem Options." You may be prompted to supply location information; you only need to type in your BlackBerry's area code.

1. Select the "Modems" tab and see if there is a "Standard Modem" option. If so, skip to the next section. Otherwise continue.
2.elect "Add," then check the box next to "Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list," and then click "Next.
3.lick "(Standard Modem Types)," then "Standard P56000 bps Modem," and click "Next
4.Select "COM1" in the option window you see and then click "Next."
5.Wait a moment for Windows to set up the modem and then click "Finish" when it displays. Now you should see the "Standard Modem" option in the "Modems" tab.

2. Set Up the BlackBerry Modem Connection

1.Access the "Control Panel" on your computer by clicking the Start button then "Control Panel
2.Double-click "Phone and Modem Options," select the "Modems" tab and then select the"Standard Modem" option you set up earlier. Click on the "Properties" button and then the "Advanced" tab.
3.Type this into the text box labeled "Extra initialization commands" if you are not a T-Mobile customer: "+cgdcont=1,"IP",""." Note that the very first and very last quotation marks should not be typed, but all others should; the text box on your screen should contain a total of four quotation marks. The "" is the access point name supplied by your carrier; contact your carrier's support department if you don't know what it is. If you are a T-Mobile customer, type this in (minus first and last quotes): "+cgdcont=1,"IP","wap.voicestream.com"."
4.Type the username and password your carrier requires.
5.Type "BlackBerry" in the "Connection Name" field.
6.Select the "Connect" button.
now you can connect your

Dial-Up Network for Windows XP.

start browes with your b.b and enjoy the bast i can give out